• Agile Best Practices Some of Atlassian’s most popular product offerings are optimized to support Agile project management and software development including scrum and kanban. Whether you’re new to Jira or an experienced user, the digital transformation experts at Mumo Systems can help you evaluate your existing Agile practices and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • ITIL Methodologies

    Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a set of guidelines designed to assist in implementing the activities involved in IT Service Management (ITSM) . Jira Service Management is a popular digital tool for businesses operating under an ITIL framework. At Mumo Systems, we’ll help you better implement ITIL in your organization for better service delivery to your customers and teams.

  • DevOps Strategies DevOps is a combination of cultural philosophies, management principles, and technology tools that help organizations deliver high quality applications and services at a faster pace. At Mumo Systems, we’ll help you implement DevOps best practices within relevant Atlassian software and other toolchains that your organization utilizes.

Why choose Mumo Systems to support digital transformation?

Purchasing and setting up your digital tools is just one part of digital transformation. The processes that help you define how you use these tools are what sets your business apart from the competition. Mumo Systems’ expertise can help you evaluate and redefine these processes.

  • We have decades of experience delivering services digitally for clients across industries.
  • Our team includes subject matter experts that have seen how a wide range of businesses work and how Agile, ITIL, and DevOps frameworks can improve operational efficiency.
  • Our certified Atlassian experts know how to weave Atlassian tools into your organization to get the most value from them while also supporting business agility.
  • We recognize that businesses have varied technology solutions and understand how to integrate them to deliver a cohesive and collaborative environment for your teams.

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Mumo Systems consistently earns exceptional customer satisfaction ratings from start-ups to members of the Fortune 100 in a wide range of industries. We aspire to exceed your expectations through careful listening and observation, strategic insights, thoughtful planning, and meticulous execution. As a result, our company has been recognized as Atlassian Partner of the Year for New Business and Customer Retention and Growth.