Create mathematical formulas using custom fields in Jira Software with the help of Abacus. This first-of-its-kind Jira app allows project admins to create and maintain numeric, date, or duration formulas that assist in managing products and prioritizing tasks without the use of scripts.

Abacus lets you easily build formulas using custom or system fields. User-created execution plans use triggers, conditions, and actions to dictate when and how your formulas will run.

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Benefits of using Abacus in Jira Software

Simply put, Abacus makes it easier to do calculations in Jira fields. That means your project admins can create and maintain formulas without getting a software developer involved.

Abacus, an Atlassian Marketplace app, will help your team to:

  • Create formulas without the use of complicated scripts.
  • Eliminate the need to download data to analyze in Excel.
  • Share formulas across projects to save time for everyone.
  • Enhance project management and task prioritization.

Still confused about how someone might use our Jira calculator? At its simplest, if you have three number fields, you can use Abacus to calculate a fourth field. But this tool can also handle more complex calculations. Abacus brings everything into Jira so it’s easier to manage and review.

Beyond formula creation, Abacus empowers users to automate calculations, add special conditions for calculations, and assign activity scores or prioritize tasks in Jira. At Mumo Systems, we’re always available to help teams learn how to better use our Atlassian Marketplace apps.

Simplify Formula Creation in Jira

Formula creation in Jira is often more complicated than it needs to be. That’s why the team at Mumo Systems created Abacus. Our Atlassian Marketplace app makes writing formulas in Jira a breeze. Got another problem that needs solved? Contact Mumo Systems and let’s talk.

Create formulas in Jira with ease

Project admins build custom Numeric, Date, and Duration formulas in Jira using custom or system fields e.g. Story Points. A simple user interface makes writing expressions easy, without guessing at field names or coding.
Create formulas in Jira with ease

Set triggers, conditions, and actions

Create Execution Plans to dictate when and how your formulas will run. Use triggers to identify activating events, conditions to filter issues using JQL, and actions to specify which formulas to run or fields to update.
Set triggers, conditions, and actions

Share formulas across projects

No need to recreate the wheel every time you begin a new project. Save time by sharing the formulas you create across all of your projects.
Share formulas across projects

Designed for Project Managers

All too often companies rely on inefficient processes to calculate the priority of a ticket. This calculation may occur outside of Jira. As a project administrator, you might have to reach out to a software developer to help with formula creation. You may then also have to export data into a spreadsheet, crunch numbers, and upload that data back into Jira. With Abacus, a project admin can create formulas to help prioritize tickets right in Jira. No extra spreadsheet needed.

However, that’s not all Abacus does. You can use our official Atlassian Marketplace tool to calculate task completion dates and task duration, too. Here’s a sample workflow:

  • User creates a ticket in Jira.
  • Project admin uses Abacus formula to determine ticket priority.
  • Given priority is high. Estimated time of completion is 30 minutes.
  • Project admin uses Abacus formula to determine delivery of work.

Since we rolled out Abacus, we have seen businesses come up with a variety of innovative ways to use our Jira calculation tool. This includes everything from farmers prioritizing planting crops to accounting teams managing contractor costs in relation to time spent on contract work.

Try Abacus Today

Available in the Atlassian Marketplace as a free trial, Abacus has already changed the way businesses across industries use Jira Software. With Abacus, users can create formulas to not only perform simple and complex calculations, but also prioritize tasks and estimate duration.

Unlock the full potential of your Atlassian tools

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