• IMPROVE COLLABORATION Improve collaboration across teams by working in the same Atlassian instance.
  • Reduce Costs

    Optimize your environment to reduce costs and overheard from duplicative licenses, systems, and applications.

  • Create Transparency Improve software-based planning, reporting, and communications across your organization.

Examples of Atlassian consolidations

Optimize your Atlassian tools to meet your business goals. Our engineers have the experience and knowledge to handle software consolidations from simple to complex. We’ve seen it all.

  • Merge multiple cloud or on-premises Atlassian software instances.
  • Integrate on-premises tools with your Atlassian cloud instance.
  • Transfer projects from one Atlassian software instance to another.
  • Break up a single Atlassian software instance into multiple instances.

Don’t see an example that fits your situation? Contact us and it’s more than likely we have seen and resolved a problematic consolidation scenario like the one facing your organization.

Example consolidation scenario: Merging multiple Jira instances

Merging Jira instances involves the migration of all projects, issues, dashboards, and more, from one instance to another without deleting or changing your existing content. Once the Jira merger is complete your team will be able to access available data within a single, unified Jira instance.

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