Our products

In addition to licensing, consulting, and supporting clients in the entire Atlassian product suite, Mumo Systems develops custom app solutions available in the Atlassian Marketplace!

Our products

Streamlined purchasing

Checkout streamlines your purchasing requests, procurement, and asset management with the simplicity and power of Jira Service Desk. Eliminate emails, phone calls, and walkways by centralizing all of your requests, orders, and fulfillment in Checkout. 

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Simplify purchase requests

Checkout ends the confusion of making requests by email or phone. Instead, teams place all of their purchasing requests in Jira Service Desk.

Quickly place purchase orders

Agents won’t need to chase down requirements. All of the information they need is available in Checkout.


This is Jira solved!

Abacus  is the first Jira app that lets you create mathematical formulas using custom fields. Instead of writing scripts as a developer, Abacus allows project administrators to create and maintain formulas for their own projects.

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Create formulas in Jira with ease

Project admins build custom Numeric, Date, and Duration formulas in Jira using custom or system fields 

Set triggers, conditions, and actions

Create Execution Plans to dictate when and how your formulas will run, using triggers, conditions, and actions.


Test Your Web

Charlotte  is a Bamboo build task designed for running Selenium IDE scripts (Selenese). Charlotte makes running these scripts in Atlassian’s Bamboo Continuous Integration Server a breeze. Charlotte beautifully presents results with embedded screen shots of failed tests.

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Parallel Runs (aka Hub)

Run automated tests in parallel using either Chrome, Safari, or Firefox on multiple platforms.

Flexibility & Convenience

Deploy tests with ease by just adding a task to your build job. Refine your run using the built in optional CLI options.

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