In the dynamic world of software applications, staying connected with users is crucial. In the past, we sent out marketing emails be we found that majority of our readers were not the intended audience. This is primarily because, those users that received our emails were typically accounting or technical contacts rather than the actual end user our our products..  We need a solution that spoke directly to the people using the our apps every day. To solve this, we turned to the Atlassian marketplace.  We found and integrated an app (Released ) that allowed to embed in-app release notes in our flagship products  Checkout and Abacus. This integration marks a significant step in enhancing our customer communication and engagement. Let's explore why this was a necessary move and how it has transformed our interaction with users.

Direct Communication with Users

The primary advantage of in-app release notes is the ability to communicate directly with our customers. Whether it's a new feature or a bug fix, our users are immediately informed about updates. This direct line of communication ensures that our users are always in the loop, enhancing their experience and trust in our products.

Integration with Jira and AI-Aided Writing

One of the standout features of Released is its seamless integration with Jira. This integration allows us to source product and technical information directly from Jira issues and, with the help of an AI-aided writer, transform them into user-friendly notes. This process not only saves time but also ensures that our release notes are accurate and easy to understand.

Incorporating Rich Media

With Released, we can now easily include images and videos in our release notes. This capability is particularly useful for showcasing new features or providing visual guides for bug fixes. Rich media makes our release notes more engaging and informative, providing a better understanding of our updates.

Released in-app view of Checkout release notes

Multi-Channel Distribution

Another significant benefit of using Released is the ability to distribute content across multiple channels simultaneously. Whether it's in-app, on our Confluence page, or our website, we can ensure consistent communication across all platforms. This unified approach ensures that all our users, regardless of how they interact with us, receive the same information.

The Impact

The introduction of in-app release notes has had a profound impact on our customer engagement. We've seen increased user satisfaction, as they appreciate being kept informed about the app's evolution. The ease of understanding provided by the AI-aided writing has also reduced confusion and support queries related to new updates.


The integration of Released's in-app release notes into Checkout and Abacus has been a game-changer in how we communicate with our customers. It has not only streamlined our communication process but also enriched the user experience with engaging and informative updates. As we continue to evolve our products, this tool will play a pivotal role in maintaining and enhancing our customer relationships.

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