Considering the size and complexity of most organizations, knowing where and how to find the help you need to do your job effectively can be a serious challenge. Request management and fulfillment is an art that requires the right framework and tools to service the organization effectively. The ITSM framework addresses these challenges, but without the right set of tools, can lead to ineffective service delivery.

To effectively implement IT Service Management (ITSM) consider the following key areas and recommended applications:

  1. Service desk software:
    Service desk software is used to manage and track the resolution of services and requests. It typically includes features such as service management, incident management, problem management, and change management. Jira Service Management has advanced as a market leading application in the Gartner® ITSM Magic Quadrant and is highly recommended for its ease of use, flexibility, and collaborative approach to service management.
  2. Monitoring and alerting tools: Monitoring and alerting tools are used to monitor the performance and availability of IT services and infrastructure, and to alert staff when issues or problems are detected. Opsgenie centralizes alerts in Jira and integrates with all of the leading monitoring tools, such as Datadog. Also, make sure to keep internal and external customers informed about incidents with a tool like Statuspage.
  3. Configuration management database (CMDB):
    A configuration management database (CMDB) is a centralized repository that stores information about the hardware and software assets of an organization. It can be used to support the delivery of IT services by providing a single source of truth about the organization's IT infrastructure. Jira Service Management in Atlassian’s Cloud streamlines work by having all ITSM and CMDB information native within one tool.
  4. Asset management tools: Asset management tools are used to track and manage the hardware and software assets of an organization, including licenses, warranties, and maintenance agreements. Asset Management is included at no additional cost in Jira Service Management Premium and Enterprise plans. To manage the procurement, management, fulfillment, and budgeting of assets in an organization, Checkout—Procurement and Asset Manager is the go-to app for Jira.
  5. Project management software: Project management software is used to plan, track, and manage IT projects. It can be used to support the implementation of ITSM by helping organizations to manage the resources, budgets, and timelines associated with the implementation. Jira Software is a natural complement to Jira Service Management, used to plan work for IT and other organizational projects.
  6. Knowledge management tools: Knowledge management tools are used to store and
    organize information related to the delivery of IT services and other organization departments such as HR, Marketing e.t.c. They can be used to support the resolution of service issues and to improve the efficiency of IT support staff. A Confluence knowledge base is integrated within Jira Service Management for seamless service request support.

Beyond choosing the right tools, it is equally important to have the right implementation partner to help you implement an effective strategy for ITSM that is customized for your needs. Contact us today to talk about what we can do to help!

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