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Mumo Systems provides full consulting and
support for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) for software development teams in companies from start-ups to members of the Fortune 100.

ALM covers the processes involved in taking an idea or a set of requirements through the software development, testing and deployment processes. Modern ALM practices emphasize cross-team collaboration at all stages of development along with sophisticated automation processes to build, test and deploy software.

Atlassian, headquartered in Sydney, Australia, has provided a wide suite of tools to enable collaboration, management and automation of the ALM process since 2002. Mumo Systems is designated by Atlassian as a Platinum Solution Partner in installation and management of its software.

Some of the main Atlassian products include:

  • Confluence helps manage requirements, reporting, documentation and team collaboration
  • JIRA and JIRA Agile help to manage a team’s work and track defects
  • BitBucket Server manages the software source code and peer-review of development
  • Bamboo provides automation of build, test and deployment of software
  • JIRA Service Desk enables companies to support their products after they are released
  • HipChat knits the whole team together with instant messaging.

Mumo Systems expertise is not only in the installation, configuration and integration of all of the above tools, but also in the migration of data, documents and source code from legacy systems. Mumo Systems also has unique experience with large-scale software build, test and deployment automation in environments with hundreds of simultaneous processes. As software developers themselves, the team at Mumo Systems has a unique perspective on how to enable developers to be efficient and build high quality products.

The Business of Mumo Systems

Current State Assessment

Just face it. Do you really know the current state of your team processes? Can you see the proverbial forest for the trees?
A Current State Assessment will provide you a clear picture of your current software development, build and deployment processes as well as tools and procedures that your team uses managing the process. Let Mumo Systems provide you with insights that accurately pinpoint your trouble spots and point to solutions that will best fit your team.

Strategic Road Map

So which way should you want to go? And, which the best way to get there?
Building on the findings of the Current State Assessment, Mumo Systems provides a succinct roadmap that lays out the path for success. Specific steps are defined, detailing a plan for how your team can achieve the efficiency and quality goals that your organization requires to succeed.

Let’s put it all together. This is where the rubber meets the road.
If you have a clear picture of where you stand, and know where you need to go, the next step is simply to move forward. Mumo Systems works with you to implement the solution that fits your needs. We help you build a software delivery pipeline that produces a faster, leaner and highly efficient software delivery platform. Together, we iron out the integration points so that everything runs smoothly. You can be up and running before you know it –  deploying higher quality code and becoming tighter as a team with every new day.

Tools & Workflow Optimization

Let Mumo Systems guide your team in how to optimize your workflow, along with how to use each tool with maximum efficiency and creativity.
Our consulting services provide comprehensive administrator and user mentoring for the entire Atlassian suite as well as common developer and development tools; both commercial and open source. Whether you’re an administrator, user, or a developer, we help you get up and running quickly.