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Atlassian Product Training
For teams new to Atlassian or for those needing refreshing, Mumo Systems provides training for all audiences.

Managed Services

We do understand that managing Atlassian tools is not your business competence nor is it your objective. We got you. Our dedicated service team will help you keep the lights on.

Migrations and Consolidations

Migrating source code repositories to Git is a strong choice for most Dev teams. Code migrations are not for the faint of heart. History retention, no downtime transition  – these requirements are enough reason to keep putting off migrating to what most analysts think is the best source code repository from dev teams. Don’t let lack of time or expertise, focus on shipping your product, or lack of confidence deter you.

Custom Plugin Development

Atlassian tools often meet 90% of your business needs. Some time you find the need to add additional add-ons from the marketplace to cover the other 10%. There are cases where you may want to tightly integrate Atlassian tools with your business or create a plugin that does not exist in the market place.


Improve the collaboration between your system operators and your dev teams to deliver better software faster. We have  experience helping teams improve delivering software to their customers. Our teams understands the  the benefits of producing quality software faster.

Automated Testing with Selenium

Selenium is a widely used automated testing environment for automating the testing of browser-based applications. It is a suite of tools to automate web browsers across many platforms and enjoys broad support. Selenium runs in many browsers and operating systems and can be controlled by many programming languages and testing frameworks. Tests can be recorded and then played back by a tester or fully automated to run as part of a Continuous Integration process.

Atlassian Product Installation

Using techniques and tools honed by hard-won experience at some of the world’s largest companies, Mumo Systems will work with IT staff to provision the correct infrastructure for a robust, reliable and secure Atlassian installation. We’ll train your staff how to make subtle configuration changes that will pay large dividends in time saved and elimination of guesswork when it’s time to update the software.

Organization and Development Optimization Assessment

A Mumo Systems assessment can help identify the small things that have big payoffs when resolved and help the organization plan better for implementation of more sophisticated and interconnected tools.

Atlassian Product Licenses

Mumo is well-verse in entries purchase cycles and needs and will work to offer payment terms that meet corporate requirements.