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Say Goodbye to Extra Work, Hello to Shared Formulas

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Benjamin Franklin is often credited with coining the phrase, “Time is money”. While there is some debate over the exact origin of the quote, most people agree that their time is important. We hope that our new feature, shared formulas, will help you spend less time configuring Abacus and more time getting work done.

What are shared formulas?

Shared formulas are pretty much just what they sound like. Pick any of the formulas you’ve already created. You can now share your formula(s) with any other projects in your system instead of having to recreate them. With the click of a button, make your formulas available wherever you want them to be.

Why would I want to use shared formulas?

  1. Shared formulas are a great way to save time when configuring multiple projects. Instead of creating new copies of a formula by hand, you can make them available with a few easy clicks.
  2. Shared formulas can save you time when you need to edit the same formulas for multiple projects. With a shared formula, one update applies to all projects using the formula.
  3. Shared formulas are a great way to ensure consistency across projects. Because changes to the formula(s) will be reflected in all projects, you can have confidence that your formulas are consistent across projects.

How do I share a formula with other projects?

Sharing formulas is super easy. Once you have a formula saved, simply click the share button located in the upper right hand corner and select the project(s) you want to share the formula with. To share it with all projects, just select the “Share with all” box.

Now that you’ve shared the formula, head to a project you shared it with and the formula will be available for use. It’s that easy.

How do I use a shared formula once it’s been shared?

When you want to use a shared formula in another project, there is a pretty simple step to take before you can. To use a shared formula, you first need to adopt it in a project. Navigate to a project you’ve shared the formula with and go into the Abacus section. If your project contains the fields used by the formula, all you need to do is click the green “Adopt Shared Formula” button next to a shared formula. Now the formula will be adopted by your project and it will be available for use in an execution plan.

We hope that you enjoy our new feature, and thank you for using our product!