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Git Migration

Migrating source code repositories to Git is a strong choice for most Dev teams. Code migrations are not for the faint of heart. History retention, no downtime transition  – these requirements are enough reason to keep putting off migrating to what most analysts think is the best source code repository from dev teams. Don’t let lack of time or expertise, focus on shipping your product, or lack of confidence deter you.

We have the experience and propriety workflows and tools to make the migration process simple. We specialize in migrating the following repositories:

  • SVN
  • CVS
  • Git (Self hosted and not managed by Bitbucket)
  • Mercurial
  • Borland StartTeam
  • Perforce
  • MS Team Foundation Server (TFS)

Find out how the fastest, most reliable and least expensive option for source code repository migration to Git can be.

Jira Migration and Consolidations

Teams can and will use a range of issue tracker tools over time. Some were used as a quick stopgap and some have now reached the end of their useful life. And some times, the organization is consolidating multiple Jira instances. Some  migration can be done through tools supported by Atlassian in Jira. Some migration tools have to be written from the ground up. Regardless, managing data pre and post import is an important consideration for smooth migration. We have the tools, techniques and experience to quickly migrate data into Atlassian Jira. Types of migration we do include:

  • Self hosted to Cloud
  • Cloud Jira to Self hosted
  • Many instance to single instance
  • Splitting single instance to multiple
  • Competing issue trackers to Jira