Key Bitbucket product features.

Bitbucket helps developers who are fluent in Git, a widely used DevOps tool, collaborate better using continuous integration and continuous delivery/deployment (CI/CD). Prior to Git, developers submitted source code to a central server and there was a lack of insight into updates made. A breakdown in communication is the problem Git — and in turn Bitbucket — are trying to solve.

According to Atlassian, key product features of Bitbucket Cloud for developers that result in “an uncompromised user experience and performance” — include:

    • Smart mirroring. Save time cloning and reduce congestion caused by CI builds with Bitbucket’s smart mirroring. Smart mirroring allows you to set up one or more live mirror nodes to operate with read-only copies of repositories in remote locations.
    • Integrity checks. Detect and resolve inconsistencies that occur between your database and home directory using Bitbucket’s built-in integrity check system.
    • Consolidation. Reduce administrative overhead of managing multiple instances of Bitbucket by using its built-in migration tool.

While Bitbucket arrives with a lot of built-in functionality, there are times when you need a custom solution or advice on how to best incorporate Bitbucket into your development workflow. That’s where the team at Mumo Systems excels. We have helped many teams use Bitbucket better.

Migrate from Bitbucket Server to Cloud or Data Center.

Support for Atlassian Server products ends on February 15, 2024, as Atlassian attempts to move more users onto the Atlassian Cloud. Whether you need assistance for your cloud migration or you’re looking to take things onto a secure data center, Mumo Systems will help ensure your migration is a successful one. In fact, we can help you fully migrate to the Atlassian Cloud.

Unlock the full potential of your Atlassian tools.

You know that feeling when your business software just works? At Mumo Systems we’re experts in the Atlassian product suite. We will help you identify the right software solutions for your organization and help you streamline your processes so that you can focus on the work that matters most. Contact us to learn how we can help you work smarter with Atlassian tools.

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