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all-to-gitMigrating source code repositories is an often neglected task. Some of the challenges include:

  • Dev teams don’t have the time or know-how to migrate repos successfully – particularly preserving history.
  • Teams do not want disruption to their ongoing work. They want a smooth transition.
  • Teams may have misconceptions about how long a migration will take or if it is even possible.

Mumo Systems has the experience and propriety workflows and tools to make the migration process simple. Since we work with clients of all sizes, we have in-depth experience with repo migration.

Types of code repositories covered*:

  • SVN to Git
  • CVS to Git
  • Git to Git
  • Kiln to Git
  • Mecurial to Git
  • Borland StartTeam To Git
  • Perforce to Git

* Atlassian’s cloud-based Bitbucket and enterprise repo BitBucket Server are both built upon Git.

Find out how the fastest, most reliable and least expensive option for source code repository migrate can be engaging Mumo Systems.